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Training your brain to see faster, the same way you train your body. Vision training gives you the competitive edge that separates elite athlete performance from the rest. NDV Performance training brings 45 years of proven results in improving eye-mind-body reaction times for elite athletes.

Choose from 3 flexible formats to meet your time, budget, and skill level.

~ Self-directed online course

~ 4-week remote training via zoom

~ Onsite @ Performance Center

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Trainer Certification

NDV Performance offers a complete performance system to assess and train eye-mind-body coordination. Become a recognized NDVPerformance coach by completing the NDVPerformance certification process. NDVPerformance coaches will learn how to implement neurodynamic vision training in their elite performance facilities and programs

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Affiliate Membership

NDVPerformance is focused on establishing a worldwide network of Neurodynamic Vision Centers of Excellence through an affiliate partnership program. Affiliate membership offers education, training, vendor buying power, and marketing support. NDVPerformance affiliate partner program offers a turnkey approach, designed to differentiate elite training facilities by offering the latest in neuroscience technology and cognitive training techniques to improve eye-mind-body performance of athletes.

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Professional players and coaches discuss the value and importance of vision in elite sport performance




The world around you moves in milliseconds

Your brain’s connection with your optical system is a complex and highly studied science. Tapping into this science can give you the edge to anticipate and react quicker and more efficiently.

NDV Performance gives you the education and training to gain a competitive edge to become an elite professional. Our education, training, and products will help you develop superior eye-mind-body reactions that will help you improve your game-speed performance.

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