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Training your brain to see faster, the same way you train your body to perform better, gives you the competitive edge that elite athletes possess. NDV Performance training brings 45 years of proven results in improving eye-mind-body reaction times for elite athletes.


NDV Performance offers a complete Visual Agility training system to assess and train eye-mind-body coordination. ‘Visual Agility’ is footwork training for the brain, improving overall athlete performance in the areas of anticipation, decision making, confidence and consistency.


It is estimated that 200 M people may benefit from improved visual-cognitive training. Be part of the Neurodynamic Vision community that supports the 8.5M elite student-athlete looking to get to the next level

Online learning modules

NDV Performance offers a comprehensive resource for all performance vision education, training & products. Our online Visual Agility training program is designed for athlete performance coaches, medical practitioners, fitness trainers and anyone else interested in neurodynamic vision performance and development.

We teach the latest in neuroscience technology and cognitive training techniques, so that you can help improve eye-mind-body reactions

Visual Agility Training Modules

Fundamentals of the vision system

  • Visual Cortex
  • Vision Correction
  • Binocular Vision
  • Perception
  • Eye-mind-body training


NDV Performance Protocols

  • Focus
  • Accuracy
  • Multi-tasking


  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
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