Highlights : Performance Vision Opportunity


Highlights from our roundtable discussion with our partners from SHARPR group discussing the opportunity for coaches and clinics to add Performance Vision training as an integral part of their daily training routine.

Key points

  • Performance Vision is a BIG opportunity. 200 million + may benefit from the opportunity to improve human performance through performance vision training
    • eSport: 250 Million enthusiasts need cognitive and physical training. The eSport market is growing @ +16% CAGR reaching $1.1B 
    • Student-athletes: 8.5 M Student-athletes supported by 400K gatekeepers (Coaches, athletic trainers, Allied health professionals) $15B youth sport market
    • Meditation & Mindfulness: 9.3 million Americans meditate, fueling a $1+ billion industry +11%, estimated to be $2Bn 2022
    • ACTIVE boomers: 75 Million baby boomers need cognitive and physical exercise. This market is both affluent with 2/3 of disposable income (US) and has more time to exercise and train driving the Trillion-dollar boomer wellness market
  • The moment of truth for student-athletes lies in the time it takes to blink an eye. Athletes need to improve visual performance in these 400 - 500 milliseconds to make better decisions in the field of play
  • Visual Agility training is like footwork for the brain. Agility training for improved speed, balance, coordination and reactions. 80% of all our sensory information is taken in through our eyes with 50% of the brain dedicated to processing visual perceptual training. This can be trained
  • Components of  Visual Agility training include
    • Performance vision assessment
    • Focus, Accuary and Multitasking skills
    • Eye-tracking
    • Field of view from central to peripheral
    • Visual-motor reaction skills
    • Perceptual-cognitive training
    • Overload training

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Warren Modlin



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