Neurodynamic Vision Training

Flexible NDVPerformance training options to meet your busy schedule

The same way you train your body to perform better through physical strength and biomechanical techniques,  you can now add Eye-Mind-Body reaction speed for improved Confidence, Consistency and Concentration

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NDVPerformance Program Benefits

Comprehensive neurodynamic vision education and practical training modules to train your brain to see faster

Despite popular belief, 20/20 vision is not a good predictor of visual performance. Vision performance is dynamic and happens in the blink of an eye (400ms /.4 sec). The brain can be trained to ‘see faster’. Since 80% of all information is visual and 50% of the brain is connected to vision processing, the improved visual function will lead to improved speed and quality of data for the brain to process.

The science is backed by proven results from our elite athletes, coaches, and trainers. We offer training that includes a comprehensive body of scientific evidence to support effectiveness that is widely used by professional sports organizations

Remote NDVPerformance Training Challange

4-Week vision training program. Weekly zoom meetings to learn new visual skills to improve reaction time

Online NDVPerformance Training

Self-directed visual agility training templates to improve core visual performance skills

Onsite 1:1 NDVPerformance Training

Comprehensive neurodynamic vision evaluation and training with Ryan Harrison, Dir of Training

All The Tools You Need To Build An Effective Vision Training Program

Our step-by-step system has proven to significantly elevate performance vision skills for athletes
  • Anticipation & Decision making
  • Confidence & Consistency
  • Focus & Concentration

4-Week Challenge

Program Content (5 sessions)

  • Introduction session: Prework review, baseline evaluation, Q&A
  • Session 1: Focus and accuracy skills
  • Session 2: Peripheral awareness and Multitasking skills
  • Session 3: Visual-motor, Perceptual-cognitive skills
  • Session 4: Creating a vision routine, Q&A, Next steps
Who would benefit from training?
  • High-velocity sports (Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Lacrosse, Hockey,)
  • Optimal for student-athletes ages 14 - 22
  • Parents are encouraged to participate to learn skills and improve compliance

Important Visual Skills Needed in Sport

Eye Tracking: learning to keep your eye on the ball

Peripheral Awareness: the ability to see things out of the corner of your eye

Dynamic Visual Acuity: learning to see objects clearly while they’re in motion

Focusing: changing focus from one object to another quickly and clearly.

Depth Perception: quickly and accurately judging the distance and speed of something

Reaction Time: the rate at which you can perceive a visual event and react to stimulus

Contrast Sensitivity: the ability to distinguish between an object and the background

Balance: ability to stay upright and in control of body movement

NDVPerformance Training kit included

All in one home NDVPerformance kit with access to advanced training products and techniques designed by Ryan Harrison @ Slow The Game Down - Leader in performance vision training for the past 20 years

  • 2X NDVPerformance X-trainer charts
  • 8X Agility reaction cones
  • All-weather carry bag

20 years of proven results 

Ryan Harrison, Founder of Slow The Game Down and Dir. of Training for NDVPerformance, has worked with professional and collegiate athletes for the last 20 years in all sport disciplines. Ryan’s father, Dr Bill Harrison, was a pioneer in sports vision since the 1970’s. With Ryan and Warren Modlin, Founder/CEO NDVPerformance, we bring industry-leading experience to athletes, coaches, and trainers across the country and in many parts of the world.

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